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Operator is an American post-grunge rock band from Los Angeles, California, USA. The band name Operator was utilized for a solo project which was created by Johnny Strong, who is an Actor/Musician and Martial Artist. Strong has appeared in various movies such as the action movie Black Hawk Down, The Fast and the Furious, “The Glimmer Man” and”Get Carter”

The original Operator album, the 2003 release Can You Hear Me Now was self-released as a demo, and is rare and hard to find. Thereafter, the album attracted the attention of the very successful Atlantic Records, which then signed the band Operator in the year 2007.

Johnny Strong began recording Operator’s debut as a solo record album playing lead/rhythm guitar, Bass, Piano, backing tracks and also lead vocals. Strong eventually put together a real “Operater” band to play the tracks live; rhythm was complements of guitarist Paul Phillips, Lead guitarist Rikki Lixx, bassist Wade Carpenter, and the drummer Dorman Pantfoeder completed the lineup. Operator’s Atlantic debut, Soulcrusher, was finally released during the summer of 2007. Soulcrusher by Operator has since sold more than 110,000 copies and even peaked at number 14 on the heatseekers music chart, and thereafter Operator produced three singles: Soulcrusher, Nothing to Lose, and Delicate.

According to Harddrive, Operator is now on hiatus while Johnny Strong works on the film, Sinners & Saints. On February 16, 2012, Strong uploaded a video to YouTube explaining what happened with the band Operator, stating “…that he never disbanded Operator, he was the one making the records the entire time,” continuing later, “Will there be more ‘Operator’ records? The answer is yes. Every time I get in that studio, I’m making ‘Operator’ music.”

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And for Operator fans wanting to sample some classic Operator music, here’s “Soulcrusher.”

Operator by Motown stars Mary Wells and Brenda Holloway

“Operator” is a Motown song that was originally recorded by Motown vocalists Mary Wells & Brenda Holloway. Wells recorded a version that was the b-side to the top ten hit, “Two Lovers” whereas Holloway’s recording was issued as a single in 1965.
In the song Operator, written by Smokey Robinson, the lyrics are about wanting the phone operator to reach her boyfriend, who is supposedly on the other end of the phone line, however, unfortunately the operator is having trouble reaching the other line. This results in static, and throughout the telephone difficulties, the singer begs the operator to “put him on the line”.

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Operator (Motown song)